This Guy Just Changed The Craigslist Ad Game By Selling His 2002 Ford Taurus With A Drone

The last time a 2002 Ford Taurus looked this good was, well, back in 2002.

Using a drone and the audio from a 1987 Taurus commercial, Omaha-based videographer Django Greenblatt-Seay has created a glossy video to accompany his Craigslist ad.

“I have done a lot of video work over the years, so I happen to have some pretty nice camera equipment and some experience using it,” Greenblatt-Seay says in an email. “I knew I had to take some photos for Craigslist but I didn’t want to just do it in my driveway. I wanted to make the car stand out, so I drew inspiration from this video done a couple years ago.”

Epic as the ad may be, Greenblatt-Seay says he hasn’t received any serious offers yet. “Perhaps I should lower the price. This certainly is an ‘Or Best Offer’ situation.”KI