Take An Infographic Tour Of The Most Enormous Movie Sets Ever Built

One of the first truly massive-scale productions in cinema history was 1923’s The Ten Commandments. It was a fitting way to kick off a form of filmmaking that evokes both the labor of Egyptians constructing the Great Pyramids, and the grandeur of the results. A new infographic takes an in-depth look at some of the most mind-bogglingly big movie sets ever built, from the arena in Ben Hur to the hobbit-hole of Bilbo Baggins.

Created as a piece of brand content by team at, Cinema’s Biggest Movie Sets shows off the architecture, municipalities, and large vessels made in real life to reduce viewers’ suspension of disbelief. Part of what’s interesting about it is just the oomph that comes with knowing the actual dimensions, like the 7,920-foot fake freeway the Wachowskis made for a car chase in The Matrix Reloaded, or the 17 million-gallon water tank James Cameron built to film Titanic–not to mention a 90% scale replica of the ship itself.

Along with the sheer numbers, the infographic also provides stories that shed light on the impact of these sets. For instance, the depiction of NORAD in the film WarGames was apparently far grander than the actual headquarters, leaving visitors disappointed for years. Allegedly, this discrepancy paved the way for an actual update of the facilities years later. Just another case of life imitating art imitating life.

Have a look through more details from the infographic in the slides above. And if you’re wondering about the wallpaper tie-in, well just you wait. As the company notes on its site: “Later on we’ll be using the WD wallpaper calculator to see exactly how many rolls of wallpaper it would take to paper each one. We know how to have a good time!”JB