Monty Python and Stephen Hawking Just Released What Is Theoretically The Galaxy’s Greatest Single

It looks like Stephen Hawking is now exploring the musical universe. Last fall, the cosmologist’s famously electronic vocal stylings were sampled on the new Pink Floyd album (for the second time), and now they can be found in an even less likely place: a song with Monty Python.

“The Galaxy Song” originally appeared in a key scene of the 1983 Python film The Meaning of Life, but the legendary reunited comedy troupe has been performing a reconfigured version of the tune on its recent Live (mostly) tour. This reconfiguration involved Stephen Hawking and Professor Brian Cox appearing in a supplemental video to fight over the scientific data spouted in the song. Now, Hawking and Monty Python have released a special Record Store Day single, in which “The Galaxy Song” is sung by the person in the world most qualified to sing it.

The Hawking-enhanced jam is now available for download and also as a 7″ vinyl. In the accompanying video above, Monty Python is shown preparing for their tour, looking happy to be in each other’s company again. Likewise, Hawking has an astronomically large grin on his face as he illuminates the sheer mind-bending vastness of our ever-expanding universe, lest anyone worry too much about their problems here on Earth.

Monty Python and Stephen Hawking together? Some nerds truly must have wished upon a star.JB