“Star Wars” Imperials Take Los Angeles In An Impressive Fan-Made Effects Showcase

Nobody outside of the production knows what will happen in the next Star Wars movie, but judging by a spate of recent amateur projects, everybody seems to want to see the same thing: Star Wars set in a galaxy not so far, far, away.

The latest video to bring those familiar space-battlin’ vessels down to Earth is Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles. It features more of the X-Wings and TIE Fighters we’ve been seeing of late, now involved in fierce, soaring conflict near the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, LAX, and beyond. Created by filmmaker Kaipo Jones, the video is shot shaky cam-style, which makes the effects even more impressive. Between an AT-AT Walker blowing up cars on the highway, and a black be-robed figure making a cameo at the end, it seems a ground offensive may be underway as well. Hopefully, parts of Los Angeles will remain intact, however, because where else is The Force Awakens going to have its premiere?

Watch a bonus video of Invasion: L.A. easter eggs below.