How To Make Your “Employer Brand” Shine And Attract The Best Tech Talent

Lessons from the pros.

How To Make Your “Employer Brand” Shine And Attract The Best Tech Talent
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Recruiting top tech talent is hard–really hard. Talent is in short supply, salaries in many industries keep going up, and nearly every company in every industry has tech openings they need to fill. In an overcrowded recruiting market, how do you make job seekers come to you?


It’s all about presenting an employer brand that resonates with candidates. Simply Hired’s 2014 Employer Brand Index showcases companies with the best employer brands, ranking them based on how often job seekers engage with a company’s job listings.

How can your company up its employer brand? Here are some key lessons from the top five winners in the technology industry this year:

Offer Job Seekers As Much Information As Possible

The best employers in tech make information available and easy to find on their careers websites and pages. Without the right information about the position or company, candidates quickly become frustrated. When searching for a job, 77.3% of job seekers in a 2014 survey conducted by the Talent Board listed job descriptions as the most important information in their job hunt. Salary and benefit information were the next most important pieces of information for job seekers.

How the winners do it: Boeing, the company with the top employer brand index in the technology industry, clearly defines its jobs, describes its leadership development program, and provides an overview of benefits on its careers page.

In addition to listing its legendary perks, Google, which ranked fourth in the tech employer brand index, offers job seekers detailed descriptions of its many teams and specific roles within each team.

Takeaway: No matter how clear you think the position title is, offer a thorough description of the job on your careers page. Share as much information as possible about the position up front, including salary range and benefits information, to appeal to job seekers and create transparency.


Show Your Impact

The best employers go beyond detailing the basic responsibilities of the job and show job seekers the impact their prospective everyday work will have. In a survey of job seekers published by Millennial Branding in May 2014, the ability to offer employees meaningful work was one of the most important employer characteristics during job hunts–but only 42% of current employees surveyed by TINYpulse in 2013 even know what the vision, mission, and cultural values of their employer are.

How the winners do it: Top tech employer Boeing uses its company YouTube channel to showcase what its products do and the innovations the company has created. These videos give prospective employees the opportunity to see the meaning behind the work Boeing does, and that helps them get revved up about the position.

Xerox, which ranks fifth in the employer brand index, showcases information about its community involvement and service efforts, giving candidates a sense of its values and what the company stands for (aside from its products).

Takeaway: Show job seekers the value of their work and the personality behind the brand. Feature stories about products, projects, and clients or customers who were positively impacted by the company. Knowing the job will make a difference in the world can get tech professionals interested in the position.

Let Your Employees Tell Their Stories

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you most certainly wanted to know what it’s like to work for the company from the perspective of its current employees. Using personal stories to make connections is a popular (and successful) marketing strategy–as an employer, employing this tactic by sharing your staff members’ stories will help you make connections with candidates.

How the winners do it: Lockheed Martin, which ranked second in the employer brand index, features videos of employees on its career site. In the videos, the employees discuss their backgrounds, career paths, what they do on a daily basis–and perhaps most importantly, what they love about their job and the company.


Apple, coming in at number three on the employer brand index, features photos and quotes from current employees on its job website. In other words, the company has effectively turned its employees into brand advocates.

Takeaway: Don’t just speak for yourself. Let your employees, past and present, tell candidates what’s great about working for your company. Encourage them to share their stories and experiences with others to generate interest in your employer brand. Use interviews, videos, articles, and other strategies to feature positive employee stories and make connections with job seekers.

Overall, tech job seekers don’t want to work for some big, cold corporation. They’re looking for a friendly group of people they’d actually enjoy working for and with, day in and day out. Use your employer brand to humanize the company and showcase an environment and culture that’s exciting and interesting to employees.

How are you attracting tech talent? Do you use any of these strategies? Tell us in the comments section below!

Tim Cannon is the vice president of product management and marketing at, a free job search resource which connects busy health IT professionals with relevant opportunities in the health IT field. Connect with Tim and on LinkedIn.