Women Talk About Their First Periods, A Lion Gets Dental Work: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Dear Kate’s first time, MLB’s Opening Day, Fixodent’s white lion, and more.

Women Talk About Their First Periods, A Lion Gets Dental Work: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

In advertising, there are just certain brands whose potential for great creative screamingly obvious. And this week we’re even featuring a few of them–Nike, MLB, Honda. These are brands that have a history of awards and memorable, culture-piercing campaigns that, as any agency working on each new project knows, is a hell of a thing to live up to. Then there are those brands that don’t scream anything at all, and at first glance appear to be consigned to an eternity of mediocre and utterly forgettable ads. Which brings us to Fixodent.


Denture cream is not the sexiest product in the world, nor the easiest to create entertaining and engaging ads around. But Fixodent and Saatchi & Saatchi Italy found a way to use an inspiring story of a white lion with sore teeth, and the personality of Kevin “The Lion Whisperer” Richardson, to make an ad that has nothing at all to do with denture cream feel like a perfect fit for the brand.

Read more about it and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.

Dear Kate “First Time”

What: Women telling the very funny, and frank stories of their first period.
Who: Dear Kate, director Mary Harron
Why We Care: After decades of overly excited women and blue liquid absorption tests, we’re finally seeing a more honest approach to periods from brands like Dear Kate and Hello Flo. While this confessional spot is very funny, it also has the honesty to let other women and girls feel more comfortable with their own experiences, as well as give dudes a peek into what the women in their life go through.


Nike “Ripple”

What: An instant classic that chronicles top-ranked PGA pro Rory McIlroy’s journey from a little kid watching Tiger Woods on TV, to strolling the same fairways, and starring in the same ads, as his childhood golf hero.
Who: Nike, Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Why We Care: It’s got all the hallmarks of an epic Nike ad, stoking the legends of sport with a great story. This one’s seems to tell two stories, simultaneously celebrating McIlroy’s rise, as well as Woods’s influence and accomplishments. The piano crescendo is just there to make sure you’ve still got goosebumps.

Honda “Endless Road”

What: The world’s first never-ending YouTube film, of a new Honda CR-V driving on a winding mountain road actually reflects the weather and time of day of wherever in the world you’re watching it.
Who: Honda, mcgarrybowen
Why We Care: A fun concept continues an exciting trend–like that unskippable Geico spot–of pushing the very familiar YouTube platform in ever-creative directions. Plus, it’ll take days to get that whistling out of your head.

MLB “This Is Baseball”

What: A cool, candid doc-style look at players, fans, and managers as they get ready to kick off the 2015 baseball season.
Who: MLB, Anomaly
Why We Care: The campaign’s chilled out tapping of baseball’s subtle charms and behind-the-scenes feel make for a refreshing break from the usual adrenaline-pumping, action-packed approach of most sports advertising. And we look forward to checking out how the aim of producing real-time content works out over the course of the season.


Fixodent “Saving Aslan”

What: An intense and touching six-minute short film about fixing the painful, broken teeth of a nine-year-old white lion in South Africa’s Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.
Who: Fixodent, Saatchi & Saatchi Italy
Why We Care: It’s the kind of thing you’d never expect to market a denture cream, but thanks to the strength of the story, the subtle branding, and using a troubled lion as a metaphor for consumers’ lives makes it all work surprisingly well.


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