Facebook Is Officially Addicted To Frank Gehry

The famous architect is working on two more buildings for Facebook. Menlo Park is soon to be a Gehry hat trick.


Facebook just finished construction on a new, park-topped mothership by famous architect Frank Gehry, and immediately, the company filed plans for two more Gehry-designed buildings. They’re of similar design and scale, according to the L.A. Times, and they’re to be built next door, adding almost a million square feet to the campus.

Matt Harnack/Facebook

The two new buildings will be right across the street from the new Gehry flagship, built upon Facebook’s recent 56-acre land purchase in Menlo Park. One building will be used for special events and parties that can accommodate up to 2,000 people.

Photo:Gehry Partners, LLP

Gehry often takes heat for his work in urban environments–for making singular architectural statements that ignore a city’s context. Take his “sparkling artichoke” in downtown Los Angeles or his melted ice cube of a building on Manhattan’s West Side. How they fit into their respective neighborhoods is anyone’s guess. But when you’re talking about a massive office park, like Facebook’s, there’s no real context to consider or accommodate. Gehry might be the perfect designer for Facebook.

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