Interactive Led Zeppelin, Ice-Medusa Azealia Banks: The Week’s Best Music Videos

Futuristic sci-fi animation stars in many of this week’s best music videos.

Interactive Led Zeppelin, Ice-Medusa Azealia Banks: The Week’s Best Music Videos

This week’s most visually striking music videos are heavy on futuristic sci-fi animation and design, from Azealia Banks in a CGI ice castle to a self-learning evil robot to a mad doctor wielding radioactive medicine in a psych ward.


Led Zeppelin – “Brandy & Coke”


Led Zeppelin’s 1975 album Physical Graffiti was remastered and reissued this year, and with that reissue comes this interactive video for a new version of “Trampled Under Foot” called “Brandy and Coke.” The apartment building from the album’s original cover art is digitized, and clicking its windows reveals various scenes, from archival concert footage to aging hippies chair-dancing to animated zeppelins shooting lasers. It gives you a good sense of what the classic rock band’s aesthetic would’ve been like if they’d grown up in the Internet age. Play around with it at Led Zeppelin’s website.

Azealia Banks – “Ice Princess”

In her video for “Ice Princess,” the latest single from Broke With Expensive Taste, Azealia Banks is a frozen Medusa presiding over a pogo-jumping clone army in an ice castle. Directed by WeWereMonkeys, it merges sci-fi animation with glitchy psychedelic graphics.

Sia – “Big Girls Cry”

In Sia’s new video for “Big Girls Cry,” 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler gives an emotionally overwhelming and delightfully spazzy performance, dancing with her face and hands alone.

Scuba – “All I Think About Is Death”

A patient in a futuristic psych ward gets injected with glowing lavender goo in Scuba’s dark video for “All I Think About Is Death.” A hallucinatory kaleidoscopic montage ensues.

Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter – “Papaya Lipgloss”

Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter’s video for “Papaya Lipgloss,” directed by Nic Hamilton, takes us into a fantastical laboratory/grow house filled with radioactive papayas, vats of neon green slime, and synthesizers under black lights.


Kara-Lis Coverdale – “Touch Me & Die”

Seemingly disparate 3-D-modeled geometric sculptures, crumbling chapels, and goo-balls come together in Kara-Lis Coverdale’s video for “Touch Me & Die,” codirected and edited by Kara Crabb. Think of it like a computer benchmark test turned into a music video.

Fedde Le Grand and Jewelz & Sparks – “Robotic”

An engineer/designer in a laboratory works on a bunch of self-learning modular robots that ultimately merge into one giant evil dancing robot, which does what all evil robots do.


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