See Every Smoke, Drink, And Affair In This “Mad Men By The Numbers” Supercut

Jon Hamm auditioned eight times before landing Mad Men, and the statistics continue to amaze. As officially quantified in the new “Mad Men by the Numbers” supercut, Draper and his pals consistently demonstrate a staggering appetite for booze, cigarettes, drugs, and assorted forms of bad behavior.

With the Emmy-winning series heading into its final episodes beginning Sunday, April 5, the AMC-produced supercut fast-forwards through a seven-season cavalcade of volatile behavior. For starters, the video reports that Draper plowed through nine secretaries and slept with 18 women. As far as drinking on the job, Draper, vodka-swilling Roger Sterling, and their colleagues tossed back 369 drinks at work and smoked 18 joints.

On the action front, Mad Men characters threw 19 punches and slapped each other four times, and that’s not even counting one-of-a-kind violent incidents like when adman Ken Cosgrove got shot in the face during a Dick Cheney-like hunting accident.

There will surely be more self-destructive behavior to come beginning April 5, when Mad Men embarks on its final half-season. As Sterling says, before gulping a cocktail, “Bombs away!”HH