These Crappy VHS Cases For Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, And Other Modern Shows Look Like They Came Out Of A Time Machine

The fetishizing of the 1980s may have kicked off in earnest with the 1998 Adam Sandler hit, The Wedding Singer. It has not died down one bit. We may also turn a nostalgic gaze to the ’90s these days as well, but there’s something people find delightful about that final moment just before the Internet truly took off. The technology from the time period seems especially quaint and adorable now. Long before Blu-Ray, the best way to watch movies at home was on VHS. (Sorry, Betamax, whatever you were.) Now a new website provides a glimpse at an alternate reality where this entertainment technology never evolved, but the supply side did.

The French website Golem13 has been posting a series of old, worn-looking cassette cases for very recent TV shows and movies. In some instances, like Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s an exact replica of the cover we know and love, only embellished with insignia from the time, a goofy rainbow outline, and a Smurf-colored box that seems like what a studio might have gone with to make a high-priority title stand out. Other efforts, like the Game of Thrones case, replicate the regrettable choice of the time to spotlight some random image from the show, in this case Ned Stark brandishing a sword.

All the art looks as though it’s covered in authentically aged thick plastic casing, as if its been buried in your parents’ attic for 27 years. Perhaps we’ll look back this way decades from now on what Blu-Rays look like. Or at least those of us who haven’t already abandoned physical releases entirely for streaming and illegal downloads.

Have a look at more of these images in the slides above.JB