Creating A Happier Workplace: March’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

From giving up complaining to flexible work for parents, your favorite stories this month were all about finding joy at work.


As our days grew longer this month, we shifted from the February blahs and instead shot for happier times at work.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership in March.

1. What It’s Like To Go Without Complaining For A Month

Think you can go an entire month without uttering a single negative statement? We talked to the founders of the Complaint Restraint project about the effects of complaining and how to cut out griping from our daily lives.

2. The Evening Routines Of The Most Successful People

These famous creative minds prove if you respect your evenings, your mornings will take care of themselves.

3. Inside Google’s Insanely Popular Emotional-Intelligence Course

If emotional intelligence training seems too kumbaya for your business, consider increased collaboration, more open communication, increased transparency, and less ego a few good reasons to give it a try.

4. 5 Fake-Productive Things You’re Doing That Are A Waste Of Time

Some of the most common work behaviors and thought processes eat up your time more than they actually help you get things done. Stop feeling better by feeling busy and eliminate these non-productive time-sucks.


5. 10 Small, Unexpected Things That Will Make You Happier

Scientists continue to study happiness, finding ever more specific and idiosyncratic ways we can bring just a bit more of this elusive quality into our lives. Try incorporating one of these interesting findings into your routine today for a happiness boost.

6. 5 Big Ways Education Will Change By 2020

Some of the most innovative companies in education predict a shift in the curriculum towards tackling real-world challenges, more focus on engaging students and families in the discussion, and a push towards individualized instruction for students.

7. One Of The Most Important Strategies For Changing Your Habits

If you want to see your new habits come to fruition, the simplest yet most effective means for success is to schedule them. Here’s how habit expert Gretchen Rubin suggests we apply the strategy of scheduling.

8. How To Boost Employee Happiness Without Spending Any Money

Has throwing money at a problem ever really solved anything? When the problem is employee engagement at least, the answer is no. These six free methods will beat bonuses and perks any day.

9. What The Ideal Workday For Working Parents Looks Like

Flexible work hours aren’t just good for parents, but they benefit the companies as well. Here’s why it’s worth a shot.


10. How The Apple Watch Will Change Office Life

Wearables will change our productivity, office policies, and daily routines, and not necessarily for the better.