Volvo Gives Away “LifePaint” To Protect Those Outside Its Vehicles

Safety is in Volvo’s DNA. The car marque has long been associated with robust, trustworthy vehicles, and it was Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin who invented the three-point seat belt in 1959, a design patent the company then gave away in the interests of saving lives. Now the brand is turning its attention to the safety of road users outside its vehicles.

From March 27, in a pilot scheme in London and Kent, cyclists can get LifePaint, a reflective safety spray, for free. If the scheme proves popular, Volvo says it will expand it across the U.K. and then internationally.

The spray is invisible in daylight but glows brightly under the beam of headlights. It can be applied to any fabric or surface, and washes off without affecting the material to which it has been applied. Its effect lasts for approximately one week.

It was developed by Volvo’s agency, Grey London, in collaboration with Swedish reflective spray startup Albedo100. Cyclists can spray themselves and their bike, and will immediately become visible in weak-light conditions. Grey London Chairman and CCO Nils Leonard said in a blog post: “Our job isn’t just to advertise our clients, it’s to help them make a positive impact on culture. What more positive action can a brand take than to try to save lives?”

The agency has also created a short film, directed by Andrew Telling, showing the product in action and featuring interviews with a number of cyclists, including accident survivors. Cyclists can find out more about LifePaint, including where to get it, here.