Here Are The Top 5 Ads Of Future NBA Hall-Of-Famer Steve Nash

Freshly retired from 18 years in the NBA, one of the best point guards ever is also one of pro sports’s most creative minds.


Back in 2007, Steve Nash had an idea for a web film. He pitched it to his sponsors at Nike, who gave the NBA all-star $30,000 to make it. He hired a director, a director of photography, and came back with “Training Day”.


That video started the future NBA Hall-of-Famer down the road to set up his own production company Meathawk, writing, producing and sometimes directing projects for Nike, VitaminWater, viral videos on his own, and eventually directing an ESPN 30-for-30 doc on the legacy of Terry Fox. He even interned for a summer at ad agency Deutsch New York.

Between about 2007 to 2012, Nash’s creative output, particularly for brands, was almost as impressive as his skills on the court. Dude was everywhere. And it led to this once camera-shy, brand-averse athlete to features about his creative business prowess in Fast Company and other business mags. This week, Nash announced his retirement from basketball. He’s one of the NBA’s best-ever point guards, but also one of pro sports’s most creative minds, not content with letting an ad agency alone craft his commercial image. So let’s take a look back at the Top 5 ads of his career.

Nike “Training Day”

A fun, atmospheric stroll through a day-in-the-off-season-life of a pro athlete in NYC. Made all the better knowing it was created by Nash himself.

VitaminWater “Infomercial”

This one showed Nash could probably sell a Slapchop or Magic Bullet as well as he could run a pick-and-roll.

Toyota “Practice Run”

It’s the typical pro-athlete earnest, introspective voice-over . . . with a twist.


Nike “The Sixty Million Dollar Man”

The follow-up to “Training Day” for Nike put Nash in pieces to pitch his Trash Talk shoe, made entirely of recycled materials.

VitaminWater “Fashionista”

He’s just like you. But 10 times better.

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Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity.