Free App Friday: Five Cool Android Live Wallpapers

Out with the bland, static Android backdrops. In with the swoopy, loopy, animated ones.

As the wise, wise Uncle Rico once said: “Might as well do somethin’ while you’re doing nothin’.” The same logic applies to your Android device’s wallpaper.


Let these five unique live wallpaper options add some fun and function to your favorite Android gadget.

1. Here, Fishy Fishy

Koi Free sets you up with your very own virtual koi pond. Tap your screen to create calming ripples in the water, but be careful not to scare the fish. Tapping directly on them sends them scurrying away. The more-than-capable free version delivers a standard pond with a handful of fish; the paid version adds a bunch of customization options.

2. Simple and Charming

Minima is a very cool selection of paper-like shapes that make up various scenes. As you tilt your device all around, each scene will slightly shimmy in order to match your motions, adding a satisfying element of pleasant interactivity. There are more than 20 free scenes available, with the paid version unlocking several others along with additional options.

3. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

I’m nowhere near retirement age, but as the offspring of Florida-based snowbirds, I can tell you that it’s tough to beat a Florida sunset. Sunset Beach serves up a Gulf Coast beach at sunset, complete with gently lapping waves and a sun that’s just about to dip below the horizon. It’s great for an ill-advised cocktail at your desk during a cold, gray winter morning.

4. The Final Frontier

Space buffs would be wise to check out Asteroids 3D. It’s an animated space scene with delicately floating stars, tumbling asteroids, and a very cool motion-tracking feature that lets you pan around the scene thanks to a virtual camera that responds to your device’s gyroscope. There are six different backgrounds to choose from, and you can finesse the asteroid count and whether or not you’d like to include a planet in the scene.

5. Digital Downpour

For a nice mixture of technology and a soothing storm, take a look at Pixel Rain. Blocky drops cascade down your screen, splashing into smaller blocks with a satisfying visual thump as they reach the bottom. There are a ton of options available, including the raindrops’ number, size, color, and speed. You can even set one of your own photos as the background if you like.