Now You Can Use Mentos’ Minty Emoji To Show How You Really Feel

There are so many emoticons, yet often there’s not quite the right one to express exactly how you feel. How about when you see something so cute you want to squish it to death? Where’s the emoticon for that?

Fear not because Mentos, the Perfetti Van Melle-owned confectionery brand, has created a range of fun emoticons for several of those moments that up until now have lacked a precise illustration.

Created by ad agency BBH London and illustrated by Genevieve Gauckler, the “ementicons” include “Cute-Crazed”, for when you are exploding a little too aggressively with the sheer fluffiness of it all, “Bad Happy” for moments of extreme Schadenfreude and “Selfie-Obsessed” (self-explanatory), along with several others.

The launch of ementicons is accompanied by six online films, bringing to life the circumstances in which one of the illustrations would be perfect. For example, “#winning” shows a young man hitting the Mentos jackpot at a vending machine, while in “Awkward” a woman greets her boyfriend’s mother with a saucy surprise. Each of films, which were directed by Matthew Pollock, sign off with the strapline “A fresh way to express yourself.”

For the launch, Mentos has partnered with messaging app Ultratext, which will add the ementicons to its keyboard. The ementicons iOS 8 keyboard app, built by Monterosa, is also available to download for all iPhone users.

A website explains how to access the ementicons and also hosts a series of shareable digital cards based on the illustrations.LJ