Kevin Bacon Doesn’t Like Puns, But He Is In This Eggs Commercial

Sometimes the most obvious choice is actually the best one. And recruiting Kevin Bacon to be a spokesperson for eggs is so perfect, it’s almost shocking it’s taken this long to happen.

Thankfully, the American Egg Board and agency Grey New York have now rectified this glaring omission and created a new campaign featuring the Footloose star getting flirty and informative while reclining in a stranger’s kitchen. The commercial web film starts off a bit slow, a pun here, a health stat there, but then makes a left turn into some sexy tension that expertly taps the actor’s longstanding appeal among Gen X men and women.

It’s the perfect combination of the right name, with some great writing, that the Egg Board hopes will help build on its 7% sales boost from last year and keep people reaching for the carton over the cereal box. The USDA reports that per-capita egg consumption grew to 260 in 2014, increasing by more than a dozen eggs per person in the last five years.

Just don’t forget the oil . . . for the pan.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below.