This Internet-Connected Weed Dispenser Gives You Just The Right Dose (So You Get Just High Enough)

While recreational marijuana smokers may not be bothered if they get higher than planned (there’s fun in that), medical users need more exact dosing. They want to manage their condition and still be able to function relatively normally.

Hence the need for a device like the Syqe Inhaler, an Internet-connected marijuana dispenser developed in Israel. The device vaporizes small packets of granulized weed, providing extremely accurate doses, much like if you were taking a pharmaceutical pill. It’s another step toward marijuana becoming a normal part of the drug cabinet.

The Syqe is connected online so doctors can monitor and control dosing, raising or lowering if necessary. It comes with an app that tracks each patient’s dosing history.

“We are directly manipulating the human psyche in a very precise manner,” Syqe Medical CEO Perry Davidson told the Wall Street Journal. “A physician could prescribe a custom-tailored, individualized treatment for that patient, and not have a hit or a miss, but a very close hit on the accurate dosing that the patient required.”

The inhaler, which is mostly plastic and 3-D printed, comes with a removable cartridge with 100 slots. Each holds about 5 milligrams of granules. The device has been tested in Israeli hospitals and received a positive review in the peer-reviewed Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacology. It’s due to go on sale for home use later this year, though Syqe says it needs more funding before it can launch in the U.S. market.BS