This Mesmerizing Faucet Saves Water By Creating Beautiful Spirals

It isn’t easy to get people to care about saving water: Just ask California, where residents failed to even save half of the state’s goal of 20% reductions in January, despite the epic drought. But could better-looking design tempt more people to adopt water-saving tech?

A new faucet is designed to use 15% less water by spinning water in two separate streams, creating a lattice-like liquid vortex instead of a single flow of water. It’s the kind of thing that someone might buy because of how it looks. The fact that it can save water–while maintaining the same water pressure–is a side benefit.

“I believe that a beautiful design is not enough to encourage people to save water,” says Royal College of Art student Simin Qiu, whose Swirl concept won an IF Design Award last year. “It’s true that some people do not care about water usage at all. What I am doing is giving people new choices and new possibilities…What I focus on is saving water without compromising aesthetics. It’s possible to save water and perfect aesthetics at the same time.”

Though the design is still a concept, Qiu says he’s used computer modeling to show that the complicated pattern is possible to create, and he’s working on building a prototype now.

The only challenge: Maybe the water will be so fascinating to watch that people won’t want to turn off the tap.AP