Two Words For All You Apple Watch Naysayers Out There: Fart Apps

The Apple Watch hasn’t shipped yet, but there’s already at least one fart app in the works.

Two Words For All You Apple Watch Naysayers Out There: Fart Apps
[Photo and logo: via FartWatch]

With yesterday’s Apple Watch announcements, Apple officially moved deeper into yet another new product category. In typical fashion, Cupertino’s launch comes with high-minded promises to revolutionize the way we do things: track our health, use our phones, hail a ride. The list goes on.


These things are noteworthy, but beneath all the glitz of Apple’s highly polished media event is another crucial, if under-reported use case: Fart gags.

FartWatch is an app for Apple’s soon-to-ship smartwatch that effectively turns your iPhone into a remote-controlled Whoopie Cushion. Yup, that’s it.

Like the mind-bogglingly massive trove of flatulence-focused apps for iPhone–a selection that grew so vast that Apple had to step in and weed some out–FartWatch has just one feature: playing back an audio file of a fart sound. The difference here is that the trigger button exists on the watch interface, allowing for mischievously clever placement of the device itself–like a Whoopie Cushion with a remote control. That is, of course, if you’re comfortable slipping your phone on someone’s chair (and under their, you know) for the purposes of third grade-level toilet humor.

As of now, FartWatch remains a proof of concept with a web-based simulation that illustrates how the interface would work. The duo behind it created FartWatch at a hackathon held just days after WatchKit was launched and they’ve since been polishing it up for App Store submission.

There’s no guarantee that this app will see the light of day. At first glance, FartWatch doesn’t seem to run afoul of any of Apple’s UI design guidelines, but given Apple’s historical distaste for fart apps on iOS, you never know.

An animated simulation of the FartWatch app.

“The Apple Watch is being marketed as a lifestyle device, and remote fart triggering isn’t entirely fashionable,” admits FartWatch cofounder Andrew Slaughter. “But it sure is fun!”


Slaughter and his cofounder Daniel Haaser are busy putting the finishing touches on the app–they still need to build a one-screen menu for fart sound selection. Once that’s finished and Apple opens up app submissions to everyday developers, the wait will be on.

Slaughter says he’s aware of Apple’s past aversion to fart apps, but is quick to point out that on iOS, the issue was the proliferation of these apps rather than the concept itself. He’s hoping that by being the first fart app to be submitted, FartWatch will be spared Apple’s rejection notice.

The Next Web writer Owen Williams, however, is skeptical that Apple would ever approve such an app, as he tweeted to me earlier. Apple is known for its strict guidelines–and has been keeping developers on an even shorter leash than usual with the Apple Watch. But come on, Apple. Live a little.

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