This Beautiful Photo Essay Captures The Hopes Of Russians Ages 1 To 100

When photographer Keen Heick-Abildhauge moved to Russia six years ago, he wanted to capture the beauty of the country and the diverse stories of its people. Two years and more than 230 photos later, the “100 Years Project” was complete, a gorgeous series of photos featuring Russians ages one to 100.

Alexander, age 1.
Passion or Dream: Cars are our passion (mother’s words).

“I wanted to tell the stories that are not told when you are just passing by people on the street or sitting next to them at a cafe,” Heick-Abildhauge explains in a blog post. “The stories are so magnificent and complex that it would not have been right to express them only in words, which is why I tried to capture them in pictures.”

Check out Heick-Abildhauge’s full photo series here.KI