Film Noir Bob Dylan, Masked Cillian Murphy: The Week’s Best Music Videos

Plus, everyone’s morphing into cartoons for some reason.


In this week’s best music videos, Bob Dylan plays our a film noir murder drama, Lykke Li models Gucci, and Cillian Murphy challenges us all to give up our daily 9-5 grind. Also, two videos feature singer-songwriters morphing into cartoons… do we spy a trend?


Bob Dylan – “The Night We Called It A Day”

Bob Dylans’ new video for “The Night We Called it a Day,” a track off his recent Sinatra covers collection Shadows in the Night, is a throwback to early film noir. Directed by Nash Egerton, the black-and-white period short is filled with burlesque dancers, fedoras, and murder.

8:58 – “The Clock”

8:58’s video for “The Clock,” starring Cillian Murphy as a creepy masked businessman (some weird mix between a Magritte painting and this melted-face bowler hat-wearing character from Indiana Jones), is an intense meditation on the 9 to 5 work grind. “I’ve always been interested in time,” 8:58’s Paul Hartnoll, formerly of Orbital, explained in a statement. “I’ve always had a thing for clocks, and for time as a powerful force—but also the way time oppresses you. It’s one of those things I keep coming back to.” A la The Wizard of Oz, the video goes from black and white to color when the protagonist breaks out of his rigid routine.

Only Real – “Can’t Get Happy”

In the video for “Can’t Get Happy,” off the forthcoming album Jerks at the End of the Line, UK singer-songwriter Only Real slowly morphs into a Ren and Stimpy-esque cartoon as little animated gremlins assault his face.

Lizard Kisses – “In the Morning”

Artist Alice Cohen creates a vibrant animated photomontage for Lizard Kisses “In the Morning” video, which features flying buddhas, ’50s swimsuit models, and, yes, kissing lizards. Her style is like a dreamier version of Terry Gilliam’s collaged animations for Monty Python.

Lykke Li Stars In Gucci Short Film

In this commercial/short film for Gucci, Swedish indie popstar Lykke Li plays piano in gauzy lighting, visits a record store, and lounges around on a green velvet couch, all while modeling the Italian fashion house’s spring/summer ’15 collection. It’s soundtracked by Lykke Li’s “Just Like a Dream” from her 2014 album I Never Learn.

Kelela – “A Message”

LA-based singer-songwriter Kelela cuts off her waist-length dreads and then morphs into an anime cartoon in this video for “A Message,” off her forthcoming Hallucinogen EP. The moody track is co-written with Venezuelan producer Arca.

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