You Can Buy Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home For $400,000

For a cool $400,000, you can own Kurt Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington–bedroom wall drawings included.


The Childhood Home Of Kurt Cobain Is Being Offered For Sale. There Are A Number Of Exciting Possibilities For This Unique Property, Including Moving The Building And Incorporating It Into A Larger Institution Or Private Collection. This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Own A Piece Of Rock History. Offered At $400,000.

The Nirvana frontman lived in this four-bedroom home until the age of 9 and again from 16 to 20.

This real estate listing may look familiar for several reasons: Back in 2013, this same home was put on the market for $500,000 but no buyers bit. Fast-forward a year later to journalist Jaime Dunkle starting a so far unsuccessful GoFundMe campaign to buy Cobain’s home and turn it into a museum.

This wouldn’t be the first time you could own “a piece of rock history” from Cobain: Seems like there’s been a steady stream of his personal items being sold left and right, from a smashed guitar to, most recently, his personal credit card.

Check out photos of Cobain’s home above and the full listing from Aberdeen Realty.