Google, Make Me Another: Cocktail Recipes Now Appear At Top Of Search Results

Google’s been rocking “cards” sourced from its Knowledge Graph project since May 2012. You almost certainly have seen these Google-approved, neatly summarized answers to your queries sitting atop your search results. Now these cards include cocktail recipes, and they even surface first in the Google Search app, meaning you can summon them via voice-activated search when the app is open.

Google produces these cocktail recipes from its smorgasbord of data–which means that somewhere on the Internet, a cocktail nerd is screaming.

See, it is one thing for Google’s Knowledge Graph cards to highlight facts about Australia or Marie Curie. But highlighting a definitive cocktail recipe over other contenders is likely to stir up strong opinions among drink enthusiasts. For the rest of us, it will be a sigh of relief just to know the basic steps to make a Moscow Mule (the most requested recipe searched on Google in 2015, according to The Verge). The Knowledge Card data is pulled from publicly available sources like Wikipedia, says The Verge, so don’t expect secret variants of a Zombie to rise above the Don the Beachcomber standard.

Google’s Knowledge Graph cards now offer medical information, facts about famous people, movies, geography, animals, science, math, and much more. Tell us in the comments: What should Google offer definitive answers on next?

[via The Verge]DL