Buffer’s Speedy New Tool Makes It Easy To Overlay Text On Your Twitter Pictures

A little over a year ago, Buffer published a study that found that tweets with images attached were 94% more likely to be retweeted. The lesson was clear: On the social web, visuals hold a lot of currency.

To that end, Buffer on Thursday released a new social media tool called Pablo that makes it easy to layer text on top of an image, like so (this was one of Pablo’s pre-loaded defaults):

What makes Pablo different from similar services like LunaPic? Or Picfont? Speed. Pablo is designed, per its tagline, to help you create “engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds.” Unlike other overlay tools it comes with a few preset images. It is as lightweight as advertised, and something I can see social media managers everywhere adding to their toolkits.

“If you’re not a designer, it’s really hard to create nice images right now for your content and social media posts,” Leo Widrich, Buffer COO and cofounder, tells me in an email. “[It’s] sort of similar to it being really hard to take nice photos without being a photographer before Instagram existed. So we hope that Pablo can fill that gap and allow anyone to create beautiful images for their social media posts or their blogposts.”

I’m happy to report that Pablo works as advertised:

Try it out for yourself here.CG