This Digital Anti-Abuse Poster Changes Its Message The Longer You Look At It

Facial recognition technology is used to powerful effect in this new anti-abuse ad for Women’s Aid timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8.

The digital outdoor poster, which goes live on March 5, is an interactive ad which demonstrates how everyone can make a difference in the fight against domestic violence.

Featuring a photographic image of a bruised woman’s face taken by photographer Rankin, the ad has a simple catch line: “Look at me.”

But by using facial recognition technology, the interactive screens on which it will run recognize when people actively pay attention to the ad so the creative can be changed accordingly. Those who look at the screen will get feedback via a live video feed that runs along the bottom of the ad as a visual ticker-tape, registering any increase in number of viewers.

Furthermore, as more people take notice, the bruises featured in the image slowly heal–demonstrating to passers-by the positive effect of not turning a blind eye.

“The simplicity of the ad’s wording and image implicates passers-by in their inactivity before the advanced technology demonstrates how they personally can make a change in the fight against domestic violence by engaging with it,” explains Ross Neil, creative director at WCRS London, the agency behind the campaign.

WCRS created the ad for Women’s Aid, a national charity in the U.K. working to end domestic abuse, and outdoor media company Ocean Outdoor.

Breaking at Canary Wharf in London today (March 5), it will then run at a number of other sites elsewhere in the U.K. The campaign will also be amplified by a 30-second prime time TV spot on Channel 4 on International Women’s Day itself.MC