This YouTuber Recreates All The Ch-Ch-Changes Of David Bowie–In One Minute

Back in January, we saw an animated gif that captured every distinct look David Bowie has trotted out during a singular career marked by constant reinvention. Animated gifs are well and good, but now a flesh-and-blood human has improved upon this template by cycling through all the looks it took David Bowie 50 years to create over the course of 60 seconds.

In YouTuber Will Tribble’s new video, “David Bowie In One Minute In One Take,” every unusual David Bowie persona is recreated with lightning speed. Tribble runs around a park and uses SNL-style assisted costume changes, wigs, and cardboard stands to get that look. Yes, of course, the lightning-face from Aladdin Sane is here and accounted for, apparently made from felt and theatrical tape. With the skills Tribble puts to use in this Bowie tribute here, perhaps he is ready to judge his first walk-off.

Watch a similar video from Tribble, “Miley Cyrus In One Minute In One Take,” below.

[via Open Culture]JB