See What Happens When Oreo Asks Artists To Make Playful Cookie-Masterpieces

Oreo asked 10 artists to develop creative expressions of “play” through their art forms. These are the results.

Oreos, by virtue of their pull-apartable cookie and crème design, are meant to be played with. Several generations of people have twisted them apart, licked them, put them back together and dunked them. The whimsical ways folks have fun with Oreos is at the heart of the “Play with Oreo” campaign, which launched in January with an anthem spot, and now the brand has invited artists to get in on the action.


To further enhance the brand’s larger Wonderfilled campaign, Oreo and The Martin Agency sought out 10 artists from around the world and asked them to share creative expressions of play through their art forms.

Janda Lukin, senior director, Oreo, North America says the goal of the campaign is to encourage play, not just with the cookie, but in people’s everyday lives, through music, art and self-expression. “As a brand, we are always looking for new ways to experiment, so we wanted to see what would happen when you put Oreo into the hands of creative visionaries who are known for pushing the boundaries in their own right,” Lukin says.

In all, there are 12 art pieces featuring Oreos at play from global artists Jeff Soto, Brosmind, Alex Trochut, Geoff McFetridge, Craig + Karl, Andrew Bannecker, Ryan Todd, Shotopop, Andy Rementer, and MCBESS, which will be showcased outdoors in New York, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis throughout March. The work is colorful, quirky, and invariably features Oreo-headed people and creatures having all manner of loopy fun.

“Dream” by Andy Rementer.

In describing his work, Jeff Soto says he was asked to interpret three words integral to the Oreo experience: dunk, roll, and twist (other artists were given other words, such as dream and wonder). “As a skateboarder, roll was the idea that really resonated with me and I came up with some fun and colorful ideas. I wanted to create a fun world filled with Oreos, rainbows, and my characters rolling around on skateboards and skates. The main character is made up of clouds, bubbles, and crystals that look delicious and edible–the whole painting is like a moving playground.”

Alex Trochut, who teamed up with 3D artist Freddy Arenas for this project, says that dunk resonated most with him, which led to his image of characters made from OREO heads and milk bodies playing ball came to me quite clearly. “The final result is a frozen moment of gravity zero, where we moved towards an image that blurred the lines between abstract and figurative, creating choreography of milk splashes dunking cookies, an imaginative departure from the usual scene of cookies and milk on a table.”

Artistic duo Brosmind drew inspiration from the words dunk and twist, and created two collaborative images that bring to life the characteristic fluidity and slapstick movements of their illustrative style. “We are very happy with the final result of the illustrations, because we think we managed to bring the project into our world without losing the essence of Oreo. They are dynamic pieces, with nice flow and a feeling of inner optimism to which we fully identify.”


The result, according to Lukin is a collection of art that “celebrates, re-imagines and, ultimately, personifies different attributes of play through the Oreo lens. The artists were truly able to capture the essence of the Oreo brand with their own unique and personal expression.”

See for yourself with the images in the slides above.


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