Your Creative Calendar: 71 Things To Do, See, and Hear This March

Prepare yourself for robot-bonding with Die Antwoord, a long-awaited new album from Modest Mouse, and Tina Fey’s sitcom follow-up to 30 Rock.

Your Creative Calendar: 71 Things To Do, See, and Hear This March
[Photo Mash Up: Joel Arbaje for Fast Company; Powers: courtesy of Sony Pictures, Playstation Network Original Programming; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: courtesy of Netflix; While We’re Young: courtesy of A24; The Royals: courtesy of E! Networks; Justin Beiber, Big Time in Hollywood, FL: courtesy of Comedy Central; Run All Night, Get Hard: courtesy of Warner Bros.; Late Late Show James Corden: courtesy of CBS; Battle Creek: Cliff Lipson, courtesy of CBS, Chappie: courtesy of Sony, Columbia Pictures; Broadchurch: courtesy of BBC, PBS, Aziz Ansari Live at MSG, Bloodline: Saeed Ayani, courtesy of Netflix, The Gunman: courtesy of Open Road Films, It Follows: courtesy of Radius/TWC, Unfinished Business: courtesy of 20th Century, Secrets and Lies: courtesy of ABC, One Big Happy: courtesy of NBC; Danny Collins: courtesy of Bleeker Street Films; Badasses On The Bayou: courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment; Faults: courtesy of Screen Media Films and Snoot Entertainment; Cymbeline: courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment; The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: courtesy of Fox Searchlight; iZombie: courtesy of the CW network; Twin Shadow: via Wikipedia, courtesy of Twin Shadow]

Although the weather overall has had a a great identity crisis this past month, the feeling in the Northeast at Co.Create HQ is that this winter will never end and we are each of us doomed to spend eternity as ambulatory stalactites. Interestingly, the entertainment industry seems to have anticipated this pulverizing weather and assumed sedentary futures for humanity. How else to explain that many of us have barely gotten through the first few episodes of House of Cards, and Netflix already has a full season of a new show created by Tina Fey debuting in a few days. What are we, made of time? No–as clearly established before, we are made of sentient ice.


In any case, beyond the scope of Netflix’s choke-hold over our next-episode-clickin’ fingers, there are plenty of theatrical releases, albums, icicle-playgrounds, and other fun stuff to warm up your spirits in time for the coming spring. Have a look below at Co.Create’s extensive guide for figuring out how to make March count, at least in terms of hours logged absorbing storylines and album arcs.

ChappiePhoto: courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Movies In Theaters

  • Chappie, opens March 6th. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp follows up the disappointing Elysium with this intellectual action flick that is equal parts Short Circuit and Robocop, but with South African zef stars Die Antwoord as gun-toting gangster versions of themselves for some reason.
  • Unfinished Business, opens March 6th. The three leads–Dave Franco, Vince Vaughn, and Tom Wilkinson–represent the morning, noon, and nightfall of the virile man’s life cycle, and this film, which finds the unlikely trio together on a business trip, just may prove that age is indeed nothing but a number.
  • The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, opens March 6th. This ain’t your daddy’s Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, whoops, yes it is.
  • Run All Night, opens March 13th. Liam Neeson’s wild-eyed gun-toting late-career resurgence continues with this latest turn as a seasoned hitman who must save his estranged son, played by Joel Kinnaman, from getting killed. Particular set of skills not included, but perhaps there’s another kind of set of skills involved. Stranger things have happened.
  • The Gunman, opens March 20th. Speaking of men with guns, The Gunman is Sean Penn’s attempt to make some of that sweet, sweet Neeson money from kicking ass onscreen. Hilariously, the movie opens one week after an actual ass-kicking Neeson movie. The odds!
  • Danny Collins, opens March 20th. Has-been rocker Al Pacino gets his world rocked by a long-delayed letter from the rockingest rocker who ever rocked, John Lennon. My life would also change if I got a letter from John Lennon, since that would mean that dead people are coming back from heaven, so I understand how Pacino feels.
  • Get Hard, opens March 27th. No, this is not a biopic about beloved New York comedian Chris Gethard, but rather a race-addressing buddy comedy in which Kevin Hart coaches Will Ferrell on how not to get killed in prison.
  • While We’re Young, opens March 27th. Director Noah Baumbach’s follow up to Frances Ha reunites him with Greenberg lead, Ben Stiller, and throws Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried into the mix. The former two play a married couple who get a jolt of creative energy from hanging out with the hip youngs played by the latter two. While your chances of walking out feeling 100% comfortable with your grasp on what is in may vary according to age, I think we can all agree it’s very exciting to see Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz play fifth lead here.
Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of BeliefPhoto: courtesy of HBO

Movies to Watch At Home

  • Badasses On The Bayou, is out on March 6th. Dannys Trejo and Glover play wizened, butt-kicking veterans, presumably in New Orleans, in this sequel to a film inspired by a YouTube clip. It’s the most Rutger Hauer project Rutger Hauer has ever been unaffiliated with.
  • Faults, is out on March 6th. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Lance Reddick star in this film about cults, which means there will definitely be someone involved whose official job title is “deprogrammer.”
  • Cymbeline, is out on March 13th. Half of Ethan Hawke’s time is spent as director Richard Linklater’s muse, but the other half is spent making oddball action flicks like this one, costarring Ed Harris. It’s a modern-day take on Shakespeare’s play, revolving around dirty cops and an outlaw biker gang.
  • Aziz Ansari – Live at Madison Square Garden, is out on March 6th. The diminutive comedian made news by headlining multiple shows at Madison Square Garden recently; now you can see what all the fuss was about without having to go anywhere near Penn Station!
  • It Follows, is out on March 13th. This allegorical horror movie follows a villain whose existence is like an external manifestation of STDs, but from hell. If that doesn’t sound rad enough, I don’t know what to tell you. It Follows stars Maika Monroe, an up-and-comer who was memorable in last year’s epic genre flick The Guest.
  • Going Clear, is out on March 29th. Scientologists: are they as spooky as you think? Find out with this controversial documentary based on the Lawrence Wright bestseller that’s been making Hollywood waves for years.

Albums You Should Hear

  • Cannibal Ox – Blade Of The Ronin, out on March 3rd. After setting the template for gritty New York underground hip-hop with their debut in 2001, CanOx disintegrated. Now, perhaps buoyed by the startling success of former labelmate and beatmaker El-P (of Run the Jewels), the two are back. If it’s not entirely disappointing, it’ll be a huge success.
  • Of Montreal – Aureate Gloom, out on March 3rd. Mainly the brainchild of the singularly weird Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal puts out albums every year or two of unpredictable quality. Perhaps this one will find Barnes returning to that Hissing Fauna-era sweet spot.
  • Purity Ring – Another Eternity, out on March 3rd. These un-mellow electrophiles are following up unexpected collabs with Danny Brown and Ab-Soul with their proper second album. Will this one be influenced by the rappers they’ve hung out with recently? Only one way to find out. (J/k, that is never true about anything.)
  • Madonna – Rebel Heart, out on March 10th. Brace yourself for new Madonna! Every time she seems far past her prime, she proves she cannot be counted out. (Although her last true jam, “Hung up,” turns a decade old this year.)
  • Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves, out on March 17th. Hard to believe it’s been eight years since these indie crossover stars topped the charts with their last album. What have you been doing with yourself this whole time?
  • Twin Shadow – Eclipse, out on March 17th. There are more eyes on this 80’s throwback star since his profile raised with 2012 album, Confess, so this should be something of a strain test.
  • Tobias Jesso Jr, – Goon, out March 17th. This rising piano balladeer is bound to get a lot of that “new Dylan” talk–and not just because of his jewfro.
  • Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, out on March 24th. The hype for this Australian singer-songwriter has been building since 2013 and now it’s set to explode with the release of her brilliantly titled debut album.
  • The Go! Team – The Scene Between, out on March 24th. The Go! Team have had a rough go of it since releasing their first album in 2004. But perhaps the funky garage band whose singers sound like cheerleaders will fare better with this return after an 8-year absence.
  • Laura Marling – Short Movie, out on March 24th. The return of the witty Brittish folk singer. Get transported to a quirky countryside!
  • Death Cab for Cutie – Kintsugi, out on March 31st. It’s the band’s first album since losing multi-instrumentalist and in-house producer Chris Walla, but perhaps that absence will take the band in a new (trap-house?) direction.
  • Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell, out on March 24th. The poster boy for Pitchfork, who abandoned his state-by-state album project after Illinois, depriving us forever of Kentucky: The Musical, is back with a set of new tunes.
  • The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy, out on March 24th. These big beat stalwarts have become basically video game music providers in recent years, but perhaps their latest will be radio-ready, whatever that even means anymore.
Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtPhoto: courtesy of Netflix

Things To Watch On Your TV (Or Your Computer)

  • Battle Creek, premieres March 1st on CBS. Whether or not you’re into cop shows, there’s a chance you’ll be into the creator of this one, Vince Gilligan, who worked on getting the show together five years before Breaking Bad, with the guy who played Dennis on 30 Rock.
  • The Last Man On Earth, premieres March 1st on Fox. If you thought Will Forte was too edgy for prime time after seeing him on SNL or in MacGruber, you were probably right, but here he is anyway, in a sitcom about the end of the world.
  • Secrets and Lies, premieres March 1st on ABC. Ryan Phillipe and Juliette Lewis star in this limited series event, much like The Slap. Will there be any slapping in this show? Possibly!
  • Broadchurch, premieres March 4th on BBC America. It’s the second season of the British investigative import too good to be adapted on American shores.
  • American Crime, premieres March 5th, on ABC. 12 Years a Slave scribe John Ridley created what looks like a fascinating approach to a crime show, in that it deals hard with race and all aspects of the system.
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, premieres March 6th on Netflix. Don’t think you can hog all the cult storylines to yourself, the movie Faults, because this Netflix series created by Tina Fey finds Ellie Kemper emerging from cult life to take on New York City.
  • Night of Too Many Stars, airs March 8th on Comedy Central. Ugh, have you ever had one of those nights? You know, the kind with far too many stars? Maybe now’s the time, with this annual charity special!
  • Powers, premieres March 10th on PSN. It’s the Play Station Neteork’s first series, and yes that is a thing. The show is an adaptation of one of the freshest and most interesting ideas in superhero comics of the 00’s, with a totally TV-ready concept, and Eddie Izzard as a villain to boot.
  • The Royals, premieres March 15th on E! Will the E! network’s first scripted series also be its last? There are at least two ways to find out!
  • iZombie, premieres March 17th on The CW. More like “iWatch iZombie” if you’re into shows about medical students who become the walking dead.
  • Community, premieres March 17th on Yahoo! Dan Harmon’s meta sitcom always strived to make it to “six seasons and a movie,” and now that long-sought after sixth season has arrived, in its new home online.
  • Bloodline, premieres March 20th on Netflix. Before you even have time to digest that last new Netflix series, BAM, a new one! This one centers on a family who may have dirty secrets in its past. Unlike your family, who has always done everything by the book.
  • Late Late Show James Corden, premieres March 23rd on CBS. The legendary streak of white men hosting late night talk shows continues when British song and dance man, James Corden, takes over for Craig Ferguson. Progress happens incrementally!
  • Big Time in Hollywood, FL, premieres March 25th on Comedy Central. If you have not yet seen the webseries Next Time On Lonny, then you need to see it right now, but if you already have then you’ll be psyched that Ben Stiller has helped the creators bring this half-hour series about wannabe filmmakers onto your TV screen or iPad or what-have-you.
  • Roast of Justin Bieber, airs March 30th on Comedy Central. There is maybe a chance that Bieber won’t be able to handle this roasting, even though his handlers will have instructed him so hard on sticking it out no matter what to prove that he is in on the joke that is “Justin Bieber,” so tune in for that!

Books To Read

  • Thomas McGuane – Crow Fair: Stories, out on March 3rd. It’s the veteran storyteller’s first collection in nine years.
  • Erik Larson – Dead Wake, out on March 10th. Pop historian Larson takes on WW1 and the last crossing of the Lusitania.
  • Dennis Lehane – World Gone By, out on March 10th. It’s only been a few months since Lehane’s latest, but he’s back already with another entry in the Joe Coughlin series.
  • Smith Henderson – Fourth of July Creek, out on March 10th. The PEN Prize-winner’s new novel concerns a social worker and a backwoods survivalist.
  • AsapSCIENCE, out on March 17th. These guys answer the questions you had no idea were bugging you all your life—usually online, now in book-form.
  • Tim Gunn – The Natty Professor, out on March 24th. The sharp-dressed man returns with a book on mentoring and motivating; like the way he motivated himself to keep pushing through so many contenders before arriving at that pun as the title of his book.
  • Sara Gruen – At the Water’s Edge, out on March 31st. The latest from the author of Water For Elephants takes place during World War II in a tiny village in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Jon Ronson – So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, out on March 31st. The Psychopath Test author’s latest is about the culture of shaming random people on the Internet for various social media failures or other wrongdoings, and what it means when that happens to someone, why we do it, etc. Ronson is a fun writer to read, and the excerpts that have run in the New York Times and the Guardian have been fascinating.
  • TC Boyle – The Harder They Come, out on March 31st. The short story master returns with another muscular novel, this one focusing in on a veteran, his son, and the son’s much-older lover.
  • Kristin Valdez Quad – Night at the Fiestas, out on March 23rd. A buzzed-about collection of stories set in the author’s native northern New Mexico.
  • Mark Waid – Marvel’s Princess Leia, out on March 4th. Still one of the most reliable writers in comics, Waid’s also got Terry Dodson on board doing the art for this miniseries about the infamous star-princess.
SXSWPhoto: Flickr user Rob Bertholf

Places To Go

  • South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festival runs in Austin March 13-22 if you want to hear a lot about people who stand at the intersection of something and something else.
  • Chiara Atik’s play Five Times In One Night is at the Ensemble Student Theater in New York through March 14th if you want a hilarious, frank depiction of how humans have approached the topic of sex throughout history.
  • Dropkick Murphys are on tour if your life is like the movie Speed except the bus only explodes if Irish drinking music stops playing at a certain decibel level.
  • Craig Ferguson is on his Hot and Grumpy Tour, perhaps celebrating the freedom that comes with no longer anchoring a late night talk show.
  • Hozier is on tour if you want the chance to physically give a person directions to church.
  • Margaret Cho is touring the Northeast if you couldn’t get enough of her Cho Jong-Un at the Golden Globes and demand more.
  • The Audience opens March 8th at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on Broadway, and it features Helen Mirren and Dylan Baker in a meditation on Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Supreme being St. Vincent is playing several dates around the world behind her Grammy-winning self-titled album if you like melodic space rock that sounds like the last thing you hear before you die, but in a positive way.
  • Alabama Shakes are on tour following an impressive showing on a recent Saturday Night Live appearance.
  • Buzz band Twerps are taking their jangly live show on the road throughout March.
  • Icelandic space-Khaleesi Bjork is playing a few shows following the release of her latest album.
  • Before the British TV show version of the book hits U.S. airwaves this year, Hilary Mantel’s prize-winning Wolf Hall will bow on Broadway with previews beginning on March 20th, if Henry VIII intrigue is your jam.
Learn About Butterflies DayPhoto: Flickr user Wolfgang Lonien

Weird Holidays To Celebrate

  • Be Nasty Day, March 8th. Whatever you do, do not hold back this time!
  • Panic Day, March 9th. It would probably be easier to just name a day Don’t Panic Day and leave the other ones open to interpretation, but to each his own!
  • Learn About Butterflies Day, March 14th. Find a butterfly and study its secrets!
  • Everything You Do Is Right Day, March 16th. In your face, everybody who told me the exact opposite information in high school!