Fashion Week, Fractals, And Space Palaces: The Week’s 5 Best Music Videos

A$AP Ferg, K-Pop duo Norazo, and Mystery Skulls released some hypnotizing new videos this week.

Trippy fractal-based optical illusions, golden robot armies, and fashion week parties star in this week’s best videos. Plus: K-Pop singers try to hypnotize you into liking their music.


A$AP Ferg – “Dope Walk” Video (Feat. Cara Delevingne)

A$AP Ferg’s video for “Dope Walk” offers up a montage of iPhone clips documenting New York Fashion Week while he FaceTimes model Cara Delevigne (who recently challenged him to a “walk off” on Instagram and Twitter). It might be the first music video we’ve seen shot in the iPhone’s awkward vertical aspect ratio.

Ella Thompson – “Arcade”

In this glitch art-inspired video, filled with the blur and static of an aging VHS tape, Australian musician and singer Ella Thompson floats through space saturated in blue light singing her synth-pop ballad “Arcade.”

Mystery Skulls – “Magic” feat. Brandy and Nile Rodgers

If this video is any indication, the space palace architecture of the future is insane. An animated clone army of what look like giant Oscar statuettes bow down to a golden Metropolis-esque robot queen and her C-3PO-like king. Plus, Brandy sings! Directed by Double Ninja.

Norazo – “Ni Pal Ja Ya (It’s Your Destiny)”

K-Pop duo Norazo use trippy fractal-based optical illusions created by Japanese professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka to make this mesmerizing video. It’s rumored to have been banned on Korean television for being literally hypnotizing–the soothing voiceover in the beginning translates to:

Become rich by listening to a song — I really like this song — I want to keep listening to it — This lively song will make me rich — I keep wanting to make people around me to listen to this song — I will want to buy this song — I don’t know why but I will get money as I keep listening to this song — I am happy — This song that I am listening to before I go to bed will give me a good fresh start in the morning — All will be great for me.

Cue kaleidoscoping pig masks and Tesla coils shooting out of businessmen’s hands.

Boots – “Motorcycle Jesus”

Boots, an alias for Jordy Asher, the mysterious producer on Beyonce’s self-titled album, has just released a 30-minute short film, called “Motorcycle Jesus,” shot in the Mojave Desert and with musical contributions from El-P, who you may know from Run The Jewels. Oh, and it’s delivered in 4K resolution.


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