From Happy Construction Workers To The Most Organized People: February’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

This month, we beat the February blahs with stories on confidence, sharpened our listening skills, and redirected our lives.

Now that the New Year’s hype has settled, are you back to being your former disorganized, pessimistic, and uninspired self? We’ve got you covered.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership this month.

Seven Habits Of Optimistic People

It’s not just about living with a smile on. Optimistic people make more money, are healthier, and live longer than pessimists. Next time you’re tempted to wallow in the dark side of a situation, take these tips from the sunniest, most successful people.

Seven Habits Of Organized People

If your resolution to get organized is lost somewhere between piles of clutter and to-do lists never completed, take heart: No one is born organized. Practice your tidying, purging, and future-prediction for a more organized life.


10 Books That Inspire Today’s Leaders

If you could steal a peek into the libraries and bookshelves of today’s leaders, they’re likely to have these on their shelves. These books address poverty, take us to Vegas, explore Shamanism and more.

Why Are Construction Workers The Happiest Employees?

The construction industry’s workers are some of the happiest employees you’ll find. But it’s not the heavy machinery or scaling scaffolding every day–it’s the rapport they share with coworkers and superiors. Here’s how to replicate the construction-site culture in your office.

Six Habits Of Confident People

Need a confidence boost? These ideas, including pushing yourself, putting negative thoughts into check, and living by the “power pose,” will have you standing taller in no time.


The One Word That’s Undermining Everything Else You Say

This three letter word tries to erase everything said before it, and not-so-subtly indicates that you disagree with what your conversation partner is saying. If you eliminated “but” from your vocabulary, you’d be just fine–or better.

How One Simple Change Can Make You A Better Listener

When you’re in a meeting or at a group lunch, are you really hearing what’s going on, or just waiting for your turn to talk? This shift in listening will help you retain information better, and contribute to the conversation stronger than before.

Writing Exercises Scientifically Proven To Redirect Your Life

Finally fix that big problem, let go of a negative memory, or do a little good in the world with these exercises that unlock your writer’s block–while solving life’s everyday questions. Who knew it was as simple as taking out a pen and paper?


The Secrets Of Women Running Billion-Dollar Companies

Crossing into billion-dollar territory is a big landmark for companies–and even more so for these, run by women. In a male-dominated industry, they’re running their “unicorn” companies by these principles for success.

Meet The 32-Year-Old, Yoga-Loving, Punk Rock, Tree Hugger CEO Of A $100 Million Trucking Company

How does a vision coach and yoga instructor become the CEO of her family’s trucking company? Begrudgingly, at first–then wholeheartedly. Now, she’s changing the way the industry moves, from the inside out.