Today in Tabs: So Long To All That

Take a vacation from your problems.

Today in Tabs: So Long To All That
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Lately I’ve been growing grim about the mouth, and it’s been increasingly difficult to prevent myself from deliberately stepping into the street and knocking people’s hats off. My first drafts of Tabs are looking like this:


Could maybe use a little polishing?

Freddie deBoer pointed out a depressing sameness in our Take farms, which I have been keenly feeling in the snowbound, freezing February of my own soul. In short, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.

So I’m pleased to announce that I’m going to take March off! Alternate arrangements are being arranged; the month will probably not be completely Tabsless. Stay tuned for that. But I’m traveling the rest of this week so this is probably my last Tabs for a little while. If you need to find me in March, I’ll be huddling in the Toronto Mystery Tunnel.

This year’s Academy Award Best Picture nominees, by Andy Baio

In the meantime! What happened to the plane? This theory is totally plausible and fascinating and also indisputably wrong and crazy. Liz Lopatto’s cat is dying, and if her Author’s Note doesn’t make you cry, you are cold inside, and dead. Ryan Borderick didn’t quite come right out and call for Reddit to be shut down but, I mean, he did do that. Pilot Viruet made a terrific review out of a truly awful tv show.

Jenn Schiffer’s var t; is back, this time programming Mary Cassatt, and if you think “Jenn can’t possibly make good javascript about an impressionist!” you would be so wrong. Not only can she do that, she can also write an explanation of it that ties her experience as a programmer to Cassatt’s as an artist, because Jenn Schiffer is an amazing wizard.

It turns out a Roomba is a pretty good artist. I think Virgina Heffernan beat Paul Ford in the anxiety Olympics. Read about Rob Dubbin’s “Football for Amateurs” in Motherboard. Conflict of interest? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Today on Reading Ads with Felix Salmon: The New York Times Magazine.

Let’s have one last Intern Tab! Vicky has been a terrific intern, and I will miss her gchats. She’ll be doing a whole Tabs on Friday for her graduation, and you can expect to see her writing tabbed in here soon enough.


The typewriter is often the bedroom accent piece of the hipster who tells me that he is writing a screenplay about his hometown where there is one grocery store. This conversation usually happens at parties, which is why this intern no longer goes to parties. But even I, composed mainly of cynicism and cookies, can admit that typewriters are pretty charming. They get very little credit for opening up a world of work and independence for a generation of women; they gave us our real-life Joan Holloways and Peggy Olsens. They are also intensely utilitarian. All you can do is focus on the thing you are meant to be writing. In fact, it is very very difficult to download an album onto a typewriter, because you just know that if he could, Drake would have done it.

I was thoroughly charmed by this family of typewriter repairmen who are becoming the last of a highly skilled breed. Instead of the excesses of the Apple Store, which demands the patience of Buddha, Allah, Xenu combined, at this store the estimates are free, there are no digital records, and you had better pay cash.

“Composed mainly of cynicism and cookies” is such a good phrase. Hire this intern. Thanks also to sponsors Kindling and How We Get to Next for making the whole intern idea work.

Tools for Living: Here’s an IFTTT recipe that purports to save all your tabs to Instapaper.

Today’s Song: Jim Cantore, “Thundersnow” (This is for my Mom. Hi Mom!)

~’The Tab is come upon me!’ cried the Lady of Shalott~

~Fearfulness and trembling have come upon me,

And Takes have overwhelmed me.~

Today in Tabs will regret this in about one day, you wait and see. Meanwhile thanks always to Fast Company and go ahead and subscribe because you never know what will happen next. Follow me on Twitter @rustyk5 and watch me slowly lose my mind from lack of attention over the next month. See you in April, yo.