“In Dogs We Trust” Captures The Human-Canine Bond In Photos

A delightful trans-Atlantic look at all breeds of dog love.

As much as we rely on our family, friends, and significant others, there’s a unique and often ineffable relationship between a dog owner and her pup. Now fashion photographer Ollie Grove and filmmaker Will Robson-Scott are celebrating this most important of bonds, with “In Dogs We Trust,” a limited edition coffee table book. The book’s 124 pages feature owners with their beloved pets on both sides of the pond–from Hackney to Hampstead and Venice Beach to Brooklyn.


The book includes well-known dog lovers like artist KAWS and photographer Martin Parr. There’s also illustrator Matty and his Boston Terrier Syd, having a pint together at the local pub. “It’s a simple concept but a charming and intimate one at that,” says Grove. “Matty’s love of Syd would often be manifested in his illustrations–immortalizing his pet in ink. I couldn’t help but feel the picture itself holds a painting like quality.”

There’s also the photo of a woman and her show dog at Crufts, a British dog show and the world’s largest. “Crufts is all that is right and wrong with dog ownership at the same time,” Grove says. “It is wonderful to see such love and devotion towards dogs but also sad that such importance is placed on the purity of breeds and their aesthetics.” He noted that British dog owners “tend to be a little more breedist” than their American counterparts. On the flip side, he says, America hasn’t widely outlawed certain breeds like pit bulls. “Anyone can own anything and no one bats an eyelid.” Yet even though this diversity can be a little scary at times, there’s also a delightfulness in the American way of doing things.

“Wander down Venice beach and see a burly tattooed man playing basketball whilst his pint-sized chihuahua waits patiently,” says Grove. “Moments later a half-pint-sized old woman might rollerblade past, towed by her tank-sized mastiff.”

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Jennifer Miller is the author of The Year of the Gadfly (Harcourt, 2012) and Inheriting The Holy Land (Ballantine, 2005). She's a regular contributor to Co.Create.