• 02.25.15

Rebecca Minkoff’s Store Of The Future Will Blow Your Mind

How do we know? Because you touched the magic mirror in Rebecca Minkoff’s fashion-and-tech-forward store, and left a trail of valuable data.

“You don’t need to leave half naked,” says Uri Minkoff, CEO of his sister Rebecca’s eponymous fashion brand, while demonstrating the high-tech, touchable mirrors in a Manhattan store’s dressing room. And the crazy part? He’s right! The screens deliver an Uber-like experience, wherein a different size of jacket is magically delivered by one of the shop’s employees, whose name you now know. Is this the future of shopping? Based on the number of competitors Rebecca sees coming in to try out the tech, the answer would seem to be yes. Take a look at this week’s episode of Innovation Undercover, then tell us about your own experience touching the magic mirrors with hashtag #InnovationUndercover. Happy shopping!