Meeting Deadlines, Snack Success, And Messy Taxes: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This Week

How we cheered up our dreary office spaces, met our deadlines, and learned from the many mistakes of one beloved snack company.

This week, we followed entrepreneurs from rocky startups to successful companies and learned how to make our own deadlines stick.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of February 16.

6 Ways Your Office Design Is Bumming Everyone Out

Feeling like you’re crammed into the worst seat in an airplane, isolated from natural light in a cubicle maze? Modern offices still have a long way to go in inspiring healthy, happy employees, but these small changes can help.

How A Viral Video About Periods Launched This Startup’s Overnight Success

HelloFlo went from a “speck of dirt” to a very big deal after its frank and funny videos went viral. But Naama Bloom had a lot to learn about wrangling the direction of her new company–and when to let her audience show her the way.

The Many Mistakes That Led To Kind Snacks’ Success

You’ve probably seen the colorful Kind granola bars in a supermarket checkout line–but the story of how they got there is sprinkled with setbacks and failures. Kind founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky puts it all on display with his new book next month and gave us a taste of the many lessons to come.

How To Trick Yourself Into Meeting Deadlines

Meeting your deadlines consistently could be as simple as shifting your due dates slightly. Stop killing yourself with the last second panic of a deadline bearing down with these tips on organizing tasks more intuitively.

The Freelancer’s Guide To The Complicated Mess Of Tax Deductions

As you sort through tax forms and paperwork from the last year, these tips from some top tax experts can help you claim more deductions.