Today in Tabs: Please Make It Stop

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Today in Tabs: Please Make It Stop
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Another dumb company learned that trying to explain that you don’t understand your racist imagery doesn’t make it any less racist. I mean, they probably didn’t learn that, but they took down their Photoshop Lynching Fun Pack or whatever it was so: yay? By the way, “Photoshop actions” are basically macros—sets of stored procedures you can run on an image. Like everyone else, I was confused what this product even was. Now we can all go back to not caring. Also you’d think Krispy Kreme would have been alert to this acronym possiblity but apparently not. Happy Black History Month!


hitting your inbox today like

Things we are having sex with now: Our Dad (regretfully, as opposed to gleefully). This tuna, I think? The Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha.

Neely Tucker in the Washington Post finally did some journalism on the “new” Harper Lee novel and yes, it’s exactly what we thought it was.

“I’m sorry,” said the tree, “but I don’t have anything
useful to contribute. Just this ‘metaphorical‘ racism.”

The NYT has a roundup of laws encouraging women to carry guns as the answer to rape because there is no problem America won’t make worse by adding guns to it.

Sony made a Google Glass “rival” which, just, ok, look. First of all. FIRST of all. No one even likes Glass? And secondly this is such a goddamn terrible product that it makes Glass look cool and sophisticated in comparison.

Today is pretty rough, honestly. I’m really struggling here. What else? Oh jesus, ok, the Exploding Kittens card game Kickstarter has a little more than a day left to go, and it has raised almost $7.5 million dollars. For a card game with cartoons by the guy from The Oatmeal. Let’s just savor that.

Your next AirBnB could well be under surveillance. Or maybe your last AirBnB was? And perhaps most horrifying, Mat Honan’s dick pics could be released on the internet. AT ANY MOMENT. Also Wired, where he doesn’t even work anymore, could stop plundering the rejects in his Google Docs folder. That could also happen at any moment. (Spoiler: It will never happen.)


Intern Vicky save us from this cavalcade of claptrap! This tarantella of trash! This hurricane of hogwash!


If you repeat a story enough times, eventually it becomes true. Throughout his 1980 presidential election campaign, Ronald Reagan repeatedly told the story of a World War II plane that took a fatal hit and was going down. In the story, the tail gunner was too injured to bail with the rest of the crew. The pilot, Candidate Reagan would say on the brink of tears, told the gunner, “Never mind. We’ll ride it out together.” The pilot would later be awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor.

That never happened. It’s the plot the film Wing and A Prayer. By all accounts, Reagan genuinely felt that he had been part of the committee that awarded the pilot. But like a candidate for high office, memory can lie to you.

Which is why The Fault In Our Stars author and tumblr troll John Green could be forgiven for nodding along when people told him he had written these beautiful words. (Spoiler: he had not.)

Or, you know:

NOT REALLY HELPING but good effort. I hear the second season of Serial is going to sort out that Brian Williams thing.

Today’s Song: Ty Dolla $ign, “Drop That Kitty feat Charli XCX and Tinashe” is the only thing that could cap off this awful day.

~I just… Why? Why do we do this? We should all quit. This isn’t even a quote.~

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