Here’s David Carr Brilliantly Decoding The Future of Media

Here’s David Carr Brilliantly Decoding The Future of Media

David Carr, renowned media critic and columnist for The New York Times, died Thursday night at the age of 58 after collapsing in the newsroom.

News of Carr’s death sent shock waves through the journalism field and and far beyond, not only for its unexpectedness and sadness, but also for following so closely the untimely passing of 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon in a car crash earlier this week. There are many, many excellent essays on Carr and his great gifts already published–this one is a good place to start.

The legacy of a journalist like Carr is built on dynamic writing, indeed. However, possessing a breadth of thought and understanding of the world at large as well as your craft is equally important–a concept highlighted so brilliantly in this 2014 discussion between Bloomberg Media chairman Andrew Lack and Carr on the future of journalism.

Click the time codes below for the best of Carr’s insights:

12:14: On the business model of journalism and players like Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook getting in the game,

18:03: On the explosion of content causing shorter attention spans…or not,

24:10: On the influx of media competing for your attention over news–FYI: It’s okay if Justified wins over The New Yorker every now and then,

28:37: On the dirty secret of journalism.

And watch the full discussion here: