Taylor Swift Contains Multitudes In The Video For “Style”

Taylor Swift Contains Multitudes In The Video For “Style”

After going Gone Girl in the video for “Blank Space”, Taylor Swift returns to highly stylized heartache in her latest.

The following things exist within a profile view of Swift in the just-released “Style,” perhaps the best song on her recent megahit album:

  • billowing smoke
  • an ocean cove
  • a spooky forest (of emotions!)
  • a boy with mismatched eye colors staring at the sunset

Can you feel the yearning tonight?

Directed by Kyle Newman, Swift spends much of “Style” staring into the camera with lips slightly parted and teeth showing, as though just about to say something sultry/sad. There’s also a bit with a broken mirror that’s bound to be classic, as it involves cross-gender glass shard lip syncing and looks pretty damn cool.

Watch the full video below: