Power Tweeters And Yogi Truckers: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This Week

This week’s stories had us wishing we could see the sunny side of life more often, find a passion that aligns with our values, and work in a space that we’d never want to leave.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of February 9.

Seven Habits Of Highly Optimistic People

We all know that person who sees the silver lining of every situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the bright side in everything, too? Learn how to become an optimist with this perspective-shifting advice.

How To Spot Future Leaders

There are subtle differences between someone with real potential, and those just trying to climb the company hierarchy. Spot the next leaders in your midst–and be sure they’re ready to lead, before you put them in charge of others.

The Secret Behind The Most Innovative Tweeters

If you’ve ever seen Gary Vaynerchuk’s tweets pop up in your timeline, that’s no coincidence. The Twitter power user made engagement his “life’s calling,” and shares his tips on turning social media into a conversation, instead of a personal megaphone.

Meet The 32-Year-Old, Yoga-Loving, Punk Rock, Tree Hugger CEO Of A $100 Million Trucking Company

A bratty, self-righteous teenager and wandering 20-something found herself reluctantly becoming the CEO of the family trucking company–and is now taking on the “to” in “farm-to-table.” Read on for her inspiring story.

How 1,000 Plants, A Greenhouse Bubble, And Stella McCartney Could Change The Way We Work

More light, more fresh air, spaces that encourage chance meetings as well as quiet time: Workspaces should accommodate workers, not make them feel unhealthy. Second Home isn’t your typical open plan office. Click through to check out the photos of these gorgeous spaces.