Today in Tabs: There’s Nothing Young People Like Better Than Advice

“Tell me what to do!”–all teens.

Today in Tabs: There’s Nothing Young People Like Better Than Advice
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When he landed everyone’s dream job at brand name journalism’s best funded roach motel Fusion, Felix Salmon became the target of a lot of hopeful young go-getters who want to “meet for coffee” (i.e. ask him for a dream job at Fusion). In the guise of “Advice For Young Journalists” he wrote them an open letter telling them yes, he made it, but sadly they will not. The good times ended the moment I signed my fat Fusion deal, says Felix. So sorry for your pathetic dreams, but you should go into P.R. He has a point: if you can be discouraged from any career by a well-paid Old telling you to give up, then you should give up! It’s probably not for you. But Salmon’s actual story is that of a hard-working reporter who put in years learning his craft, and there’s no particular reason to think that won’t work for anyone now.


Of course this opened the floodgates and everyone wanted to share their #AdviceForYoungJournalists, which is somehow still trending? It’s been a couple of really slow days in tabs, to be honest. Ezra Klein, never one to shy away from a trending hashtag, offered his advice, which is, you know, fine. Yglesias found the data-journalism angle, reporting that journalist salaries are also basically fine. Chris “Take Off Every” Ziegler positively encourages the young’uns to get into journalizing which may be a little too strong? Kristin Hare aggregated a recent history of advice for young journalists for Poynter. This is a few years old, but you can literally never go wrong asking Ann Friedman for advice. Alexandra Petri implemented the Washington Post’s new “create puzzlement” content strat in her advice for young journalists, but she also offers some incontrovertibly-true nuggets of wisdom such as: “Exchange places with an old (in journalism, 40) year-old man. / Leave his body at a cross-roads. Put coins on his tongue to compensate him for his content.” That’s how I made it, and in two more years, that’s how I’ll go out.

Finally Alex Balk offers his advice to young people in general, summed up by the url slug “/die-early.” It’s pretty good advice, until he gets to the usual nonsense about how everything is getting worse, which Olds have been telling Youngs since God was like “everything really was a lot better before you ate that apple, asshole.

My own advice for young journalists? Write words. Not too many. Mostly good.

#AdviceForOldMediaOrgs: What was the internet? Who cares, it’s just Facebook now. Shut down the home page, or gamify it, or whatever. Forget everything you thought you knew and distribute your content to the platforms!

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You know it’s a slow news day when the intern is watching MSNBC:


I’m never going to be famous. Not in the way we all dream of. No ‘fuck you’ money. No ‘monogrammed towels’ for free. No helicopters will hover above my wedding. My celebrity nickname – VixxMo – will only appear as a username on websites. 

But I am always going to be a woman. And to be a woman is to be in the public eye always. A woman’s body, actions, words and decisions are up for public scrutiny at all times. Hilary cries. Condi plays piano. Beyoncé has a husband. Michelle has arms. Katie gets a haircut. Angelina has kids. Jennifer gets naked. Breaking News: Area Woman is Woman. 

Whether it’s the incredulity that Amal Clooney, human rights lawyer, is out practicing the law or the misogyny underlying the idea that Rihanna’s naked pictures MUST be shared, what we are told every day is that being a woman is a public act. To be a woman is to live a performance where the script is written by others and the spotlight always moving. 

Gawker’s Sam Biddle:

Taylor Swift is a public figure in the same way that the co-chairman of Sony Pictures is a public figure. These are people with immense influence, sway in show business who command an incredible audience.”

So Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal’s business emails are exactly the same as Taylor Swift’s texts to her friends, I guess. What about your texts to your friends? Where do we draw these lines? The argument that there is a public interest in lifting up Taylor’s skirt because she is a manufactured person rings false when there is nothing to indicate she’s being inauthentic. She’s just a young woman with friends, but undressing her commands an incredible audience.

This intern has some things to say. Someone give her a writing job before the intern tab turns into a daily #longread.


It Will Never Stop Being Funny: that Bitcoin owners give their digital cash to someone else and then are shocked when they don’t get it back.

Today’s Song: Kendrick Lamar, “The Blacker the Berry

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