Watch a Preview Of “The Skinny,” A Series That Makes Eating Disorders Funny

When it comes to comedy, there are no subjects that are inherently off-bounds. It all depends on the approach. Chris Rock successfully cracked jokes about the Boston Marathon bombing on SNL recently, and comedian Ever Mainard once told a Jezebel-approved rape joke. Even still, it’s going to take a lot of finesse to sustain a comedic web series about eating disorders.

The Skinny is L.A.-based comedian Jessie Kahnweiler’s very personal look back at her 10-year struggle with bulimia. Although that premise doesn’t immediately ring out with promises of belly laughs (ugh–sorry), Kahnweiler has already demonstrated she can find humorous ways to dissect seriously dark subject matter with her previous short, Meet My Rapist. In the above preview, Kahnweiler reveals just a glimpse of the unexplored comedic possibilities that eating disorders offer–including mixed feelings about catcalls, binging on Romaine lettuce, and body dysmorphia. Okay, so she’s got her work cut out for her.

The new show, which was produced by Jill Soloway’s Wifey.TV, is already shot–with a performance by Ileana Douglas–and is simply awaiting Kickstarting funds to complete editing, color correction, etc. Catch The Skinny whenever it ends up online so you can say you saw it before it ended up becoming the next big-deal show on Amazon.

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