A Fetching Redesign Of Ikea’s Blue Tote Bag

Because your fashion doesn’t need to be as budget as your furniture


For $0.59, Ikea will sell you the Frakta: a 19-gallon, polypropylene blue bag lined with polyester. The logic is that you fill it with all sorts of goodies at an Ikea store, then walk out the store having purchased it. Out in the real world, where people use the Frakta for anything too big to fit in a regular shopping bag, the thing is a wide blue billboard for Ikea. It’s impossible to mistake.

via Ikea

Designers at the Copenhagen studio Herman Cph tell us they love the functionality of the Ikea bag, but they aren’t so fond of the look. So the studio acquired scraps from European textile producer Kvadrat, then created the Limited Bag–the Frakta with a premium makeover.

Silly? Maybe not. The Frakta is beloved for a reason. It’s basically a minivan for the shoulder, the perfect pile-it-in bag for the urbanite who’d like to do laundry or run to the farmer’s market, but doesn’t have the option of tossing stuff into a car’s backseat to do so. The Limited Bag keeps Ikea’s high-volume design but improves upon the material. As a result, you’re no longer a walking ad for Ikea.

Each Limited Bag features a leather strap, and is constructed in either blue and black or light blue and dark blue. The bag will go on sale later this month for $125. Orders can be taken by email or via their remodeled website coming soon.

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