Amex Allows Fans To See NBA Stars’ Moves From Every Angle At All-Star Weekend

LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony Davis, Mason Plumlee, and John Wall tell the stories behind their signature moves.

All-Star Game weekend in any sport is always a merry mix of super sports fandom events, brand “experiences,” and, y’know, an actual game. This year’s NBA All-Star Game will be at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center and American Express is hoping to give fans a unique look at a handful of hoops stars’ signature moves with its new “Pivot” digital installation.


The brand asked LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony Davis, Mason Plumlee, and John Wall to pick a signature move, then filmed it with 50 HD cameras for wrap-around footage that will be played and controlled by fans on two life-sized, 103-inch screens at two locations around All-Star weekend. Each player also filmed the story behind their moves and the moments in their basketball careers that helped shape them.

Brooklyn Nets forward Plumlee will be in this year’s dunk contest and his signature move is the reverse dunk. “I’ve never done a video shoot like this before,” says Plumlee, who will see the final project when fans do. “The cameras were surrounding not just the dunk, but the approach and finish, it was pretty amazing. I don’t think there’s a better way to capture any move on the court and I can’t wait to see it all when it’s done.”

Deb Curtis, vice president of American Express’s global sponsorships and experiential marketing says the goal was to harness the latest digital technology to give fans a new and unexpected experience. “That’s why we pioneered an interactive, digital video experience that gives basketball fans around the world a never-before-seen perspective on some of their favorite NBA stars—the ability to analyze the player’s signature moves, then learn about the journey behind those moves.”

Fans can check out “Pivot” at All-Star weekend’s NBA House at Moynihan Station from February 10 to 16, and at the Barclays Center for the rest of the season. Those who can’t make it in-person will be able to see their own version via desktop, tablet and mobile on

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