How To Binge-Watch “High Maintenance” On Vimeo: Your Episode Guide, Ranked By Potency

Before blazing through cycle six of the stonily brilliant web episodes, here’s a ranking of the first 13 installments.

How To Binge-Watch “High Maintenance” On Vimeo: Your Episode Guide, Ranked By Potency

Bob Marley once said that smoking pot “is more of a consciousness“–you become sharply attuned to the world around you and, most importantly, to yourself. That, of course, is for better or abysmally worse, as evidenced by weed deliveryman The Guy’s colorful cast of regulars in Vimeo’s original web series High Maintenance.


The Guy pedals throughout Brooklyn and beyond selling his wares to customers who are clearly in need of something more than just a bong rip. Each episode brings relationship meltdowns, job crises, family warfare, Passover passes, and much more–and The Guy and his ganja are frequently the tie (stick?) that binds.

Vimeo recently released cycle six of High Maintenance that’s available for purchase as well as cycle five, but you can still bum one through four for free, which we’ve ranked below by “potency” (read: excellence.)

1. “Jonathan”

Comedian Hannibal Buress (one of the many reasons to watch Comedy Central’s Broad City) guest stars as himself for an episode that swerves from hilarious to… not funny at all. What do you do when tragedy is weighing you down? You forget your “petty” problems and make everyone else laugh. The ending will shatter your buzz, but in a necessary kind of way.


2. “Matilda”

It’s one of the very few episodes where we get a glimpse into The Guy’s personal life as he holds a weed fire sale to raise some quick cash so he can take his visiting niece to a Broadway show. Plan A tanks but Plan B, a feminist fake-TED Talk in a crowded apartment, is just as good, right? Best uncle ever.

3. “Brad Pitts”

Watching an older lady smoke pot for the first time is just flat-out adorable–especially when she’s doing it for the sake of her friend who’s battling cancer. P.S.: BEWARE THE MAGIC BOX.

4. “Dinah”

This starts off like your normal strained relationship scenario when a couple’s friend overstays his crash on the couch but make way for the twist: It’s one thing to have slept with your best friend’s girl and not tell him about it until the most inopportune time, but then to ask him to pay for your weed? That’s just low, bro.


5. “Olivia”

When you’re listed in The Guy’s phone as “Assholes” it’s probably not a good sign. But really–the two peeps in this episode are literally, like, THE worst people you will ever meet. #HateYou #LoveYou #ObsessedWithYou

6. “Jamie”

While on the subject of next-level pretentious New Yorkers: Meet the two women who would coat a trapped mouse with cooking spray (because there’s no way they’re using their olive oil from a South African vineyard) in order to release it from the glue trap they set but in the end decide to gas it with weed smoke because that would be killing it humanely.

7. “Helen”

Baking your weed guy PB&J bars = How nice! Trying to feel him up even though he’s straight and you’re gay = How…awkward.


8. “Elijah”

Welcome to the Passover Seder from Hell where you’ll enjoy bacon-laced matzah ball soup, a powder keg of a mother-daughter relationship, and a young boy’s innocence eviscerated on the spot when he sees his sister, ahem, alone off the chef and his assistant. L’chaim!

9. “Trixie”

Want to know if he’s the one for you? See if he’s willing to handle up on the dregs of Airbnb renters freeloading all over your apartment. Now that’s true love.

10. “Heidi”

How to tell if the girl you’re dating is homeless: count how many handbags she has.


11. “Stevie”

In the first episode of the series, we get to see what makes The Guy the guy: He’s able to wind down the highest-strung assistant you will ever come across with just a little weed and a little conversation.

12. “Qasim”

Never fall for the quiet guys in spin class: They’re most likely polyphasic sleeping zealots who want to shove magic crystals into your nether regions. A head-scratcher for sure but the montage of a descent into madness is worth a watch.

13. “Rachel”

A husband and wife with a kid: got it. Husband is struggling with writer’s block: got it. Husband is a writer with writer’s block who’s also a cross-dresser: got it. Husband is a writer with writer’s block who’s also a cross-dresser whose wife knows about it and is proud of her man because he finally feels comfortable enough to wear women’s clothes in public after rocking a dress in front of The Guy with no problems: got it?


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