Mars’s Musical Dog, Magic Mike’s Return: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Fitbit’s charity drive, Gap’s Instagram video microseries, a flowery preppy goth romance, and more.

Mars’s Musical Dog, Magic Mike’s Return: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Late last year Instagram unleashed video ads onto its filtered snapping masses, with Disney, Lancome, Activision, the CW network, and Banana Republic as the initial brands on board.


This week Gap took things a step further when it launched “Spring is Weird,” a 12-part Instagram video microseries starring Jenny Slate and Paul Dano, that will release weekly 15-second episodes. The brand has dubbed it the first Instagram soap opera, and it’s encouraging to see a marketer investing in such a creative idea like this–as opposed to, say, a Tinder coupon–starring bonafide talents.

Read more below about this and our other picks for the best in brand creativity this week.

Interflora “Odd Love”

What: The age-old, goth boy-meets-preppy girl story, told in a flower delivery ad.
Who: Interflora, Brandhouse
Why We Care: There are only two ways to sell a flower delivery service. The first is to promote your price, selection of goods, and swiftness of delivery. And second, forget all that and find a way to tap into the emotions behind that flower delivery. Interflora, thankfully, picks the latter AND recreates a classic Grease scene. Win-win.


Gap “Spring is Weird”

What: A 12-part Instagram video microseries starring Jenny Slate and Paul Dano in a denim and khaki-related romance.
Who: Gap, Wieden + Kennedy New York
Why We Care: This idea pushes the boundaries of both the Instagram platform as a brand tool, as well as consumers’ patience for marketing in their social feed, but does it in the best way possible with two utterly charming and fun to watch stars like Slate and Dano.

Warner Bros. Pictures “Magic Mike XXL Trailer”

What: The first official trailer for the anticipated sequel.
Who: Warner Bros. Pictures
Why We Care: It’s like they made a music video to market the movie. Unlike waaay too many trailers, it doesn’t pretty much let you watch the entire movie in two minutes, yet undoubtedly excites fans of the first film to see what’s next, all while not taking itself too seriously (“You’re Welcome.”). Also, y’know, the abs.

Fitbit “Get FitForFood”

What: The brand spoofs its own ad with comedian Joel McHale to raise money and food for a very worthy cause.
Who: Fitbit, Argonaut
Why We Care: A hilarious way to raise awareness and funds for hunger relief organization, Feeding America, by using the calories its users burn to go towards meals for people who need them. Also, c’mon, we all need to be a little more bacon-on-a-donut fit and starting random fires fit.


Mars “Winning”

What: Stupid Pet Tricks-meets-Zamfir when one dog musically one-ups another in the impressive talents department.
Who: Mars, AMV BBDO
Why We Care: Look, any time you can hear Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice “Crockett’s theme” on the pan flute you celebrate that moment with gusto. That, and the other dog’s reaction face at 31-seconds is priceless.

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