Questioning The Old Ways And Embracing New Ideas: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This Week

We’re letting go of piles of disorganization and finding new ways to focus at work.


Questioning the old ideas about how things are done, from focus-boosting music to hiring processes, let us discover better ways to get stuff done.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of February 2.

Seven Habits Of Organized People

No one’s born destined to have an immaculately organized office. So why do we treat organization like a personality trait, instead of a skill to be learned? From paring down on junk to having the right tools for the job, you can finally tackle that tower of mess before it reaches hoarder-status.

Why Resumes Are Worthless

You’re more than a list of job titles and bullet points of skills. Hiring managers can ditch the old way, and start embracing social media, interview chemistry, and group meetings to find the perfect applicant to add to their team.

7 Key Habits For Building Better Relationships

Wish you had a better relationship with your coworkers? Remember little details, listen closely, and more tips on getting the good vibes going around the office.

We Found The Exact Music To Break Through Open-Office Distractions

Love them or hate them, open offices can be focus-killers when you need to deeply concentrate. We experimented with musical genres and styles to find the perfect tunes to put in those big, puffy, “do not disturb” headphones–and discovered a few interesting things about what enhances and detracts from focused moments.

12 Steps To Curing Your Procrastination Addiction

It’s time to stop putting it off: procrastination is a nasty habit. But you don’t have to go cold-turkey. These aren’t the tired old nudges in the right directions, but a surprisingly intuitive set of goals for productivity, starting now.