Free App Friday: 5 Cool Tools For Finding The Job You Really Want

Job listings, résumés, interviews, and more. Finding a new job isn’t always easy, but these apps can help streamline the process.


Job hunting is like moving. It sucks, but you somehow seem to force yourself to do it every five years. These free apps can considerably improve the experience of finding a new work-home.


1. If you’re not sure where to start

Glassdoor (Android, iOS) is a must-have as you begin your job search. Like any good job-search app, it offers a relatively robust database of available jobs, but it’s the anonymous employee reviews and salary brackets that set this one apart from the rest. You’ll get an inside look at the pros and cons of what it’s like to work at various organizations, along with helpful interview tips from other job hunters who have already run the gauntlet. For an honest look at potential future employers–warts and all–Glassdoor is indispensable.

2. If you dread the thought of working on your résumé

Take a look at Super Résumé Builder (Android, iOS). It takes all the formatting nonsense out of the equation, letting you enter your personal details into a series of simple forms before spitting the end result out as a PDF file that can be emailed or shared to popular online drives. You won’t win any design awards with the built-in templates, but the app makes it easy to pound out your CV and refine it as your skills and experience evolve.

3. If interviewing isn’t your strong suit

Get in some practice beforehand with Job Interview Question-Answer (Android, iOS). The app throws some common, tough interview questions at you and uses your device’s camera to video-record your answers so you can see how you’d look in the eyes of a potential interviewer. Once your incoherent rambling has finally come to an end, interview coach Peggy McKee will pop up on-screen to let you know how she would have answered the same question.

4. If job hunting is slowly sending you to the poor house

Pick up Expensify (Android, iOS). Did you know job-hunting can be a write-off? It’s true. You can use Expensify to scan all your receipts and track all your mileage as you look for new employment. Come tax time, round everything up and wait for Uncle Sam to slide a little cash back your way. The app sports a slick interface and advanced scanning features that can parse out the date, merchant, and amount from each receipt you snap with your phone’s camera.

5. If you want to take yourself off the market after you land a new job

Use Burner (Android, iOS) to set up temporary phone numbers while you’re sending out résumés–especially those posted on publicly accessible sites. You get a free number to start with, which forwards to your main number but can have its own separate voicemail greeting. You can return calls using your virtual number so you don’t reveal your personal one, and once your job search has wrapped up, you can torch your burner number to avoid being inundated with phone calls from high-profile recruiters passing along seven-figure job offers. That’s right: you’re that good.