• 02.04.15

Fitbit Enlists Joel McHale To Help Feed Hungry Americans

Joel McHale demonstrates, in his own unique way, how you can give to the hungry by keeping fit with Fitbit.

Fitbit Enlists Joel McHale To Help Feed Hungry Americans
[Photo: Patrick Yonally, courtesy of FitBit]

If your New Year’s resolutions and good intentions have already fallen by the wayside, here’s something that might spur you into action.


Fitbit is partnering with hunger relief organization, Feeding America, in a giving program whereby the more exercise participants do, the more benefit there is for people in need.

Anyone with a Fitbit device can opt in and the calories they burn count towards meals for people who need them. The more calories people burn, the more calories they give. The campaign called, “FitForFood” went live on February 3 and the goal is to reach 1 billion calories by March 3. Fitbit will donate $0.00015 to Feeding America for every calorie that participants burn and if the target is reached, this equates to 1.5 million meals.

Comedian Joel McHale stars in an entertaining film to promote the drive in which he is seen in couch potato mode watching others getting fit on his TV in a number of energetic ways. He switches off in disgust and runs through his own “fitness” activities, such as “gorge fit,” ”smoke fit” and “stealing neighbor’s mail fit.” However, the mail he steals contains a Fitbit device and he is soon off and running.

So, if doing it for yourself is proving too hard, how about doing it for others? Or, as Feeding America puts it, do something that is both “good for me” and “good for we.”

The agency behind the campaign is San Franciso-based Argonaut and the film is directed by Fred Savage via Über Content.

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