Would Sitting In A Fun Swing Make Your Stupid Meetings Less Boring?

It’s hard to imagine that any meeting using The King Arthur Round Table could be dull. Even if the people were dull, and the subject was dull.

That’s because the King Arthur has swings instead of chairs. If you ever felt bored, you could amuse yourself with some swaying back-and-forth.

“As soon as people sit in it, they instantly open up, their posture changes and they start smiling,” says British furniture designer Christopher Duffy. “There’s a different feeling when you’re hanging from something than when you’re sitting and you’re supported from underneath.”

Duffy’s swing-tables come in several forms. The King Arthur is available in 12-seat and 4-seat options, with a choice of walnut and birch tops. Then there are also simpler swing tables and whole circular bars with two levels. The 12-seat King Arthur costs about $16,000 before tax or shipping.

Duffy says the most of the models he’s sold have gone to IT or creative-type companies. “They tend to be people with a lot of space. They can have a sensible boardroom for important meetings. Then they can have a room for a bit of brainstorming, where people can be a bit freer in what they talk about.”

More meetings should be like this.BS