“Game Of Thrones” Season 5 Trailer Is Officially Online, If You Missed The Leaked Version

“There is no justice in this world,” Lord Baylish says at the top of the fifth season preview for Game of Thrones. “Unless we make it.”

He could just as easily be describing the plight of GoT-starved fans, who felt slighted by their favorite show exclusively premiering its trailer in IMAX theaters. And so it was promptly bootlegged and made available online for all to see. Now HBO is playing catch up by releasing the trailer earlier perhaps than it had intended. Justice is served?

In 2002, the South Park guys made fun of the eventification of movie trailers. The first glimpse of the latest Star Wars prequel was being touted as a can’t-miss extravaganza on TV, which inspired a South Park episode where that show’s universe was experiencing similar excitement for The Terrance and Phillip Movie. How prescient! Trailer enthusiasm is grown steadily in the years since–think Star Wars VII–leading to people online scrambling to see a trailer that premiered in theaters following a big screen rerun of the previous season’s finale. So, there you have it. Trailers leak now, before they have the chance to spread throughout the Internet and social media by legitimate means.

Have a look at what’s in store for the mostly Bram-less season that starts April 12th above.JB