Nissan Obviously Wants Dads To Cry During The Super Bowl

If this year’s crop of ads are any indication, we might as well start calling Super Bowl Sunday “Father’s Day 2.” Here Nissan joins Toyota and Dove in simultaneously celebrating fatherhood while making all the dads sitting at home try to pretend they’re not holding back tears.

Others may want to warm your heart or give you goosebumps, but here Nissan and agency TBWA/Chiat/Day LA are aiming for nothing less than full-on waterworks. A dad suffering from guilt, who also happens to be a champion race car driver, the kid watching dad triumph at home yet still harbors a deep melancholy over his lack of paternal bonding, all set to “Cat’s in the freakin’ Cradle?”

It couldn’t be more emotionally manipulative if they just ran the speech scene from Brian’s Song with a Nissan logo at the end. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go call our dad.